The Most Underrated Disney Princess

Like most girls with big imaginations, growing up I was a huge Disney princess fan. I would watch Little Mermaid on repeat, greet everyone with a “Wingapo” and a dramatic wave like Pocahontas and wear those uncomfortable plastic high heeled dress up shoes as my glass slippers. I still am that huge fan, admittedly, even at the ripe age of 22. I meet as many princesses as I can when I visit Disney World or Disneyland. I watch the princess movies over and over again, singing along to all of the songs. I defend these cartoon characters whenever somebody makes snide comments about how princesses are “not good role models for girls,” which is some straight BS, by the way. I find myself unable to decide on who my favorite is because every time I visit a Disney park or watch a movie or even listen to the glorious princess anthems, I find out a deeper meaning of these stories. I could go on and on about each character’s message and development through their movies, but today I’d like to talk about my girl Tiana, who should be way more popular. Without further ado, let’s give her the attention she deserves.

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Life: A Hurricane

Life can change in an instant. Your world can turn upside down at any moment. Many people know this, but only few actually experience it. People hear about certain tragedies and sympathize with them through friends’ situations, media coverage and Facebook posts. The news covers celebrity gossip and crooked political campaigns before they ever shed light on the people giving them their freedom to even talk about those things. The media is silent to our military heroes and their surviving families. The public may be saddened by our fallen heroes and may experience a sense of pride and patriotism through it, but there are few who actually feel the effects and experience the world altering change. These sudden changes alter lives and make people who they are, giving them an identity. But what truly defines us isn’t a situation, but rather they way we react to it.

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Real Life Princess

As a professional entertainment company, most people do not truly understand or realize what we do. A lot of times, people assume we are just girls who dress up in princess Halloween costumes and take pictures with children for their birthdays. While that may be what is seems like from the outside, as a performer and owner of an entertainment company myself, I can assure everyone that this business is so much more than that. This sounds like the introduction of some research paper, but I promise it’s not. It’s the thoughts of a party princess. From me, Katie Conner 🙂
Clients (even friends, family and people in general) do not see what goes on behind the scenes in these “princess party” companies. It is so much more than getting all dolled up to make some extra cash and have cute Instagram pictures. Now, this isn’t me complaining, because, trust me, I would not trade this job for anything. I absolutely love creating magic for precious little ones, I just want people to understand that it is not a joke, it is not an “embarrassing” thing that adults dress up for the entertainment of children, it is not easy or immature, and it is definitely not as simple as Halloween costumes and selfies. It is true magic and happiness.

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